Wisconsin North-Upper Michigan District (WIMUM)
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Governor’s Message


Hello Fellow Optimists!  Let me begin by telling all of you how great it is to be your seamstress for the coming year where we will be “Stitching” Youth & Communities Together.  “Stitching”  – a joining together.  This is how I envision the upcoming Optimist year.  One stitch at a time, one new member at a time to make a quilt, a community where we can help the youth.  Each quilt is unique just as each club in our WINUM District is unique.  What pattern do you want to choose for your club?  What works, or what stitches do you have to rip out and redo??  No matter how many times we have to rip out stitches, you always replace them and in the end you have a finished product.

How exciting it would be if each club would make their own quilt, through pictures, to have on display at the end of the year.  Each quilt would be something special, one of a kind, and it would showcase all your abilities and accomplishments that are your clubs own to shout about.

‘Why quilts?’ you ask.  This is something very special to me.  After my mom passed away I found these quilt squares.  What am I going to do with them?  Well, quilt squares means a quilt doesn’t it.  What do you have to do to get them all together?  You need to stitch, one stitch at a time to make the pieces fit and stay together.  The squares are not all the same color, the same design and not even the same size.  Isn’t that what we have in our communities?  No two people are the same, children are of different races, sizes, ages, and through our Optimist Club efforts, these children and the community will work together one project at a time, one stitch at a time, to make them whole, a quilt if you please.

My goal is to be able to complete my quilt with three new clubs with their own unique quilt square, and to have every club be an honor club.  I am asking you to help me complete my Optimist quilt by working with the community and youth, one stitch at a time. Youth and communities coming together are what Optimists are all about.

This is a year to try more things so let’s all get together—Stitching Youth & Communities Together.

Governor Susan K. Carlson